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Ethiopia: things to do and photo gallery

Check you 9 things to do in Ethipia at Agne’s blog

My favourite spots to visit in Leeds

South Leeds industrial history Thwaite Watermills (LS10 1RP) The mills claim to be “one of the best last remaining examples of a water-powered mill in Britain.” The tour around is...

Leeds day-out. 3 continents in 1 day

I don’t really need to travel to far away countries to explore and learn about various cultures, I can just go to visit people living in the same city. Here...

Comoros FAQ

Comoros is an island country. Comoros is maybe most chilled out Islamic countries. They are surrounded by Ocean with little outside transportation. Women are wearing colourful hijabs when outside. They...

Travel tip: Researching points of interest

So you got your tickets to Liberia but what are you going to do there? Is it something to see? Searching for top highlights takes time especially if not acquainted...

How I ended up making my WordPress blog serverless? Part 1

Recently in my team, we did prove of concept to re-architecture our application on AWS which was using AWS AppSync as a backend engine and React frontend on S3 which...

Climbing the highest mountain in West Africa

Mountain Bintunami is the highest peak in Sierra Leone and highest between Morroco and Cameroon. The whole surrounding region is mountainous and worth visiting.

Cluj-Napoca (Romania) FAQ

Recently I’ve visited Cluj-Napoca in Romania and here are most frequent questions I got after the trip.

Language lesson #2: Direction asking

While cycling in Belarus, I got lost and had to ask for directions. Yes, this was before GPS smartphone offline maps era so people had to ask directions. It’s also...

Language lesson #1: First baby steps in Belarus

I’m at a border crossing from my home country Lithuania to our long lost brother country Belarus. Centuries ago Lithuania and Belarus was one country sharing part of history together....

The Faroe Islands FAQ

Recently we’ve visited Faroe islands so we got quick a few questions. Here is the list of the most popular ones.

AWS certified. My journey and exam tips

“To learn, to learn and to learn” – Vladimir Lenin

Mauritius FAQ

We recently went to Mauritius for a week. I’ve received questions regarding a trip, so the most frequently asked questions are below

Mauritius: The most amazing festival I’ve ever visited!

The purpose or excuse for a trip to Mauritius was an Indo Tamil festival called Thaipoosam Cavadee. There is never a perfect time for an overseas trip. But if you...

Squatting. On the way to breaking my PB

This week is about strength training. My favourite is 5×5 which works like magic. Until you hit a plateau and it becomes demotivating. You keep on failing to do complete 5×5...

Improving your posture. Why? What? and how?

What to look and feel confident? Forget muscle building and hours at the gym. Just improve your posture! It doesn’t matter how much you bench, squat, deadlift, or how big...

Weekend break in Malaga and Gibraltar

Recently I and my girlfriend were researching for short winter weekend gateways to warmer places and booked reasonably priced flights. This post contains actual expenses during a long weekend and things...

Playing with AWS Lambda, Scala and Terraform

I have been tracking my activity levels on a physical calendar, which involves extra work to write down your workouts. But also, I always track them on my Fitbit as...

Osvaldas year 2017 in photos and resolutions

End of each year is time to reflect on the year, learn your lessons and plan another year.

FAQ about Sal island in Cape Verde

I have recently been receiving various questions regarding a trip to Cape Verde. Here is the list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ).