Where go to northernmost places on budget?

Always wanted to go on an adventure for had no idea where? Look no further. Go north! As northernmost as you can. There is something special with places in the far north, they are remote, tranquil and calm. You escape from the noise of society and appreciate quiet. My best places visited always remote locations and my favourite weather is cold, as cold as it gets. My hometown each winter had temperature dropping below -25°C. I remember Russians in Yakutia laughing “you, there, get a bit cold and cry, but here we get -60 on average winter and still alive. This is really cold”. Anyways, cold is good and interesting. Not many people go far north, that’s why it’s even more interesting.

In this post, I have added few locations on my to visit list and want to share my research with you.

Greenland 67°00′N

Kangerlussuaq (population 499)

Get in price: Return flight from Iceland 350£ + flights to Iceland from the UK 100£ + additional 100£ if hiking an arctic circle way to fly back. Total 550£


  • Hiking arctic circle trail for 8-10 days. More here
  • Visiting glacier

Svalbard 78°13′N

An airport is at Longyearbyen which has 2050 population.

Get in price. Return flight from Oslo – 140£ and another 60£ from the UK to Oslo = 200£ total

Why go?

Glaciers, polar bears and arctic nature for a very reasonable price. Surprisingly local airport serves 120 000 passengers each year which is a lot compared to 2 600 permanent residents.

Also adding few northernmost places on the earth including northernmost church and northernmost Lenin statue. Also, Longyearbyen is the northernmost settlement in the world have more than 100+ people.

Politically it’s partly separated and might be treated as a separate country.

To do

Norway itself is a very expensive country. Svalbard escalates it to a new degree as organised trips are highly overpriced due to a remote location and short travel season.

Few things you can do on a budget or for free.

  • Experience true artic day and never setting sun
  • Probably cheapest way to experience polar tundra climate (ETf)
  • Hiking 82-mile path. It highly depends on weather conditions and snow level, hopefully, no snow
  • Visiting Soviet-looking village (Barentsburg/Баренцбург) mainly populated by Russians and Ukrainians. It’s reachable by few hours boat trip or probably hiking as it is mere 40km away from the airport.
  • Various mines exist. It might be possible to visit them, especially if one knows Russian
  • Svalbard museum in Longyearbyen and North Pole Expedition Museum
  • Soviet union throwback at ghost town and mines at Pyramiden
  • Various other activities exist including boat trips, sightseeing and group hiking, but they are reasonably overprice

Russia – Kamchatka 53°01′N

Although not as north as other destinations

Biggest town: Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (population 180 000)

Get in price: from Moscow is 250£ + getting to Moscow another 150£ + Russian visa 70£ = 470£

To do:

  • Lots of volcanos, usually accessed by helicopter (not cheap)

Other remote locations in Russia

Many other remote northern destinations in Russia requires a special permit because it’s a secret location and might be military bases

Anadyr – 550 £ from Yakutsk (and another 550£ to get there)

Chokurdakh – 490£ from Yakutsk and used only about three months in a year (during winter)

Prudhoe Bay (70°19 N), Alaska

Prudhoe Bay is northernmost town accessible to the US by a road.

Price to get in would include flights to the US, which might be around 300£, car rental, fuel, and long hours behind the wheel. Cost and time depend on where you rent a car. Flights into Alaska is a bit more pricey. But if you rent in Vancouver, you will have to drive 5300 miles for about 14-21 days and spend 600£ on fuel and another approx 420£ on car rent, which you can share. So if you are a team of 3, total price would be (600+420)/3 + 300 = 640£

Starting in Alaska would definitely cut prices. Flights price would be around 400£, but only 1 800 miles driving. Taking it easy and drive in 7-10 days return. For car rent would be 140£ and fuel 174£. If sharing on 3, it would be (140+174)/3 +400 = 505£

Alert Airport (82°31′N), Canada

No commercial flights, but lots of trolls