Ethiopia: things to do and photo gallery

Check you 9 things to do in Ethipia at Agne’s blog


UNESCO World Heritage site. Entry is 50 USD hence not cheap but totally worth it!

Lalibela’s Sunday market

If you’re there on Sunday, it’s a must to go to the market. This looks very different compared to my grocery shopping in local Lidl. Note: contactless are not accepted


Butchers are the country slaughters a cow most of the days and serves raw beef with very spicy sauce.sauce.

Coffee shops

Coffee shops all across the country roasts beans, grinds them, prepares coffee and serves with burning incense. All for 5 birr (0.13 GBP).

Danakil Depression Tour

Afar region

Local food

Delicious and very unique cuisine

Churches of Tigray region

Simien Mountains National Park

Gondor city

Jewish village

Although almost all Jews migrated to Isreal only ones left who was not accepted. For example, if ones father is jewish but mother is not.

Addis Ababa